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About us

This web-site you are visiting has been specifically designed and developed as a promotional showcase for our distinct line of 3D scanners. The utility of our 3D scanners in the field of forensics is noteworthy due to their exceptional precision and high degree of accuracy.

Who is Artec 3D?

Artec 3D, a prominent global organization, specializes in the development and production of handheld and portable 3D scanners. Established in 2007, Artec 3D has consistently been at the vanguard of pioneering 3D technology.

In the year 2007, our journey commenced in San Diego, California. Subsequently, in 2010, we strategically positioned our headquarters in Luxembourg, where our majority of upper-level management presides presently. An exception is a minority stakeholder who continues to operate from California. Beyond our principal office in Luxembourg, we have established a significant international presence with branches located in California, USA, Shanghai, China, Bar, Montenegro, and Tokyo, Japan.

Our primary focus is the fabrication of superior quality, yet user-friendly, portable 3D scanners. We also develop sophisticated, intuitive 3D software and a Software Development Kit (SDK) that presents optimal integration opportunities irrespective of the application. We take immense pride in our products and consistently strive to meet the demands of our diverse client base.


Artec 3D, a leader in the field of 3D technology, is committed to continuous innovation and excellence. The company's dedication is exemplified by the consistent release of next-generation scanners on a biennial basis, along with the introduction of new scanning software annually.

At the forefront of Artec's offerings are its handheld 3D scanners, a cornerstone of its product portfolio. In addition to these core products, Artec is actively engaged in the development of advanced biometric 3D recognition technologies and streamlined one-click 3D body scanning solutions, further solidifying its position as a pioneer in the industry.

Artec 3D

3D scanning software and hardware

Headquarters: Luxemburg

Since 2010

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