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Unlock the potential of 3D scanning in Forensic Investigation

Discover the accuracy and power of 3D scanning technology and how it is revolutionising the field of forensics. Experience enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and collaboration in your investigations, thanks to the remarkable capabilities of cutting-edge 3D scanners.

Tackle Forensic Challenges with Advanced 3D Scanning Solutions

Overcome the limitations of traditional forensic methods by embracing 3D scanning technology. Address critical challenges in crime scene documentation, evidence preservation, and analysis with fast, precise data capture and seamless collaboration.


3D scanning technology provides:

Fast and precise data capture

Quickly obtain comprehensive and accurate information from crime scenes with minimal intrusion.

Enhanced evidence preservation

Digitally store detailed and accurate representations of evidence, minimizing the risk of tampering or degradation.

Streamlined analysis

Easily compare, contrast, and analyze digital evidence using advanced software tools, enabling more efficient and accurate reconstructions.

Wireless and Easy-to-use

No laptop is needed for scanning; you can monitor the scanning result through the LCD display built into the 3D scanner. No wires or additional equipment are necessary.

Artec 3D: Your Trusted Partner in Advancing Forensic Investigations

When choosing Artec 3D, non only will you receive a best-in-class 3D scanning solution, but you can also be reassured that our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is second to none. We're always here to help with our global support network to make sure you get the best out of your new 3D scanner.



Artec Leo's Key Features for Forensics

<1 hour to master

The Artec Leo is user-friendly, requiring less than an hour of training for novice users. After this brief introduction, users can commence with capturing data and digitizing a variety of objects, including evidence, in high-resolution 3D color.

Intuitive software

The Artec Studio software features an intuitive interface and comprehensive editing tools that enable transformation of scans into 3D models within minutes. These models can then be disseminated among team members, other departments, or exported to various software applications for further scrutiny and application.

Rapid Scanning

Artec Leo holds the title of the fastest portable 3D scanner in the market. It can swiftly scan smaller pieces of forensic evidence in seconds, a human body in 2‒3 minutes, and small crime or fatality scenes in just over 5 minutes.

Secure Storage

Artec Leo supports the storage of thousands of 3D scans locally or on Cloud-based solutions (including Cloud-in-a-box). This data can be readily shared with other forensics professionals.

Wireless and Portable

Artec Leo offers full portability with no need for additional laptops or cables, allowing forensic experts to begin scanning at a crime scene within seconds. Its unencumbered design ensures easy maneuverability around objects without obstruction to the scanning process.

Detailed Analysis and Reconstruction

The high-resolution scans provided by Leo enable precise measurements, aiding in forensic analyses, report generation, and crime, fatality, or accident scene reconstructions.

Benefits of Artec 3D Scanners in Forensic Investigations

By harnessing the power of Artec 3D scanners, investigators can significantly enhance the precision and efficiency of their work, leading to faster case resolutions and more accurate outcomes. 


Revolutionize Crime Scene Documentation

crime scene

Transform your crime scene documentation process with Artec 3D scanners. Capture comprehensive, high-resolution scans of entire scenes, ensuring that every crucial detail is preserved. Eliminate the risk of overlooking vital evidence and streamline your team's investigative efforts with precise and reliable digital data.

Present Compelling Courtroom Evidence

crime scene

Utilize high-quality 3D models and visualizations captured with Artec 3D scanners to present compelling, easy-to-understand evidence in the courtroom. Clearly and effectively communicate complex information to judges, juries, and other stakeholders, increasing the chances of a successful outcome in your cases.

Simplify Analysis and Reconstruction

Forensic 3D Scanning

Leverage the power of 3D scanning to facilitate streamlined analysis and reconstruction processes. Utilize advanced software tools to easily compare, contrast, and analyze digital evidence. Generate accurate reconstructions of crime scenes, accidents, or facial features, helping your team uncover the truth and solve cases more efficiently.

Foster Collaborative and Efficient Information Sharing

Car reconstruction in 3D

Enhance collaboration among team members, other agencies, and experts around the globe by easily sharing digital evidence captured with Artec 3D scanners. Break down communication barriers and streamline information exchange, enabling your team to work more efficiently and effectively in the pursuit of justice.

Preserve Evidence with Unprecedented Accuracy

Crime scene

Ensure the integrity of your evidence by digitally preserving it with Artec 3D scanners. Create detailed, accurate 3D models that can be securely stored, shared, and analyzed. Minimize the risk of evidence tampering or degradation, and maintain the highest standards in forensic investigation.










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From crime scene documentation and evidence preservation to streamlined analysis and reconstruction, Artec 3D scanners are transforming the landscape of forensic investigation and helping to create a safer, more just world.

Case Studies

3D scanning for traffic accident reconstruction

Challenge: The objective is to utilize 3D scanning technology to accurately document and analyze damaged vehicles involved in accidents for the purpose of reconstruction and investigation. This entails capturing comprehensive, color, submillimeter-resolution 3D images of the vehicles, allowing for thorough inspections, assessments, and record-keeping. The resulting data and findings must be of high enough quality to be admissible as evidence in legal proceedings and court trials.

3D scanning tested against photography in a study on forensic methods

The Objective: In a forensic context, the aim is to employ a portable, color 3D scanner to digitally record a human body exhibiting simulated tattoos and various types of injuries. The scanner's performance, in terms of accuracy and efficiency, will then be compared to that of conventional forensic photography techniques.

Artec 3D scanners help police identify footprints at crime scenes

The Goal: To employ portable, handheld 3D scanners for the rapid and efficient digital documentation of the complete topography of specific footprints found at crime scenes, on-site.

Artec 3D Scanners for Forensics

Artec Leo 3D Scanner

User-friendly mobile 3D scanner with an inbuilt touchscreen and intuitive UI for easy 3D scanning.

Scanner type: Handheld
Object size: M, L
Accuracy: up to 0.1 mm
Resolution: up to 0.2 mm

Artec Eva 3D Scanner

Our bestselling 3D scanner. Fast, versatile and accurate.

Scanner type: Handheld
Object size: M, L
Accuracy: up to 0.1 mm
Resolution: up to 0.2 mm

Artec Spider 3D Scanner

A metrological structured light 3D scanner, with automatic temperature stabilization for high precision results.

Scanner type: Handheld
Object size: S
Accuracy: up to 0.05 mm
Resolution: up to 0.1 mm


With the high-accuracy, long-range, wireless Ray II laser 3D scanner you can precisely and rapidly capture large to massive objects, scenes or areas, and from up to 130 m away.

Scanner type: Wireless
Object size: L, XL
Accuracy: 1.9 mm @ 10 m
Resolution: 3 / 6 / 12 mm @ 10 m

Artec Metrology Kit: Professional

A 3D optical coordinate measuring system for high-precision industrial applications – think deformation analysis, testing, inspection.

Scanner type: Handheld
Object size: M, L, XL
Accuracy: 0.002 mm


  • How difficult is it to learn how to use an Artec 3D scanner for forensic applications?

    Artec 3D scanners are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Our intuitive hardware and software ensure a smooth learning curve, even for professionals with limited 3D scanning experience. Additionally, we offer training and certification programs to help you become proficient in using our scanners for forensic applications.

  • Can Artec 3D scanners work in various environmental conditions, such as low-light or outdoor settings?

    Yes, Artec 3D scanners are built to perform in a wide range of environmental conditions, including low-light and outdoor settings. Our scanners are equipped with advanced technology that allows them to adapt to different lighting situations and capture accurate data in various environments.

  • What file formats are supported by Artec 3D scanners and software?

    Artec 3D scanners and software support various file formats, including OBJ, PLY, STL, WRL, and more. This versatility ensures compatibility with popular forensic software tools and allows for seamless integration into your existing workflows.

  • Are Artec 3D scanners suitable for capturing small and intricate details, such as fingerprints or tool marks?

    Absolutely! Artec 3D scanners are designed to capture high-resolution scans with precise measurements, ensuring even the smallest and most intricate details are accurately documented. This level of detail is crucial for forensic applications, where accurate evidence preservation is paramount.

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